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Joe's Hardwood Floors
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 23 reviews
by Larry Betts on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Satisfied Customer

I hired Joe's Hardwood Floors to refinish the hardwood in 3 bedrooms and 2 closets and also install new hardwood floors in the hallway, living, and dining rooms. The results are amazing. Joe made several transitions from tiled surfaces to the new hardwood from the same wood as was on the floor. He also took out the old hardwood in one closet and installed new wood because it would not have lined up correctly with the new wood in the hallway. He had to remove one layer of sub-flooring to insure the old wood and the new wood were at the same level. The old wood in the bedrooms looks just as good as the new wood he installed. In areas that transitioned from old wood to new Joe made custom pieces and you can't even tell where the old changes to new. He worked with my wife to help us chose a stain color that we would be happy with. We ended up using his "Special Maple" stain color that does away with the yellowish orange look of the original floors. Bottom line Joe is an honest contractor that has the skills to do the job right!

by Brittany Sanders on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Joe originally impressed us by pointing out areas that we didn’t even notice needed attention. But after seeing his work were greatly impressed. Very clean and neatly done. He stuck to his word! What he said he was going to do, he did plus more! We’re very happy and highly recommend him.

by Sean Stewart on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Excellent Services

I hired this flooring contractor for a project of mine, and I should say I am impressed with the amazing quality of their work. They handled the installation very professionally, and the results they achieved are nothing short of exemplary. Thank you for everything!

by Nancy Hughes on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Outstanding Company

I was looking for affordable flooring installation services when I discovered this company on the Internet. They had a wonderful website and some positive reviews, which is why I called them and asked for a quote. Their rates were reasonable and I hired them to do the job. I am very impressed with their flooring service and gladly recommend it.

by Amanda Morgan on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Thank You!

These are the flooring refinishing experts that I now recommend to all my friends. They took care of my floor installation project in a timely and professional manner, and I am very pleased with the overall results of their efforts.

by Dewey Davis on Joe's Hardwood Floors
The Right Choice

I had to hire professionals to install the hardwood floors in my home when a friend of mine gave me the phone number of these people. I called them and before long they arrived at my home to examine my project and give me an estimate. I hired them to do the work and they performed superbly.

by Cynthia Watson on Joe's Hardwood Floors
True Professionals

I plan to use the excellent floor refinishing service these people provide for all my future projects. They worked fast, took all the necessary precautions, and had all the necessary equipment to handle the job with ease. The quality of their work is great and they were very courteous and punctual.

by Charles N. McLean on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Many Thanks

Your floor refinishing service ended better than I could ever hope. I've never been particularly good at planning so I am glad that you helped me out with the choices. The rest of the job matches your reputation - you were quick and efficient, not a single mistake. Thank you for your dedication and for your assistance. I will recommend your services!

by Joyce J. Nusbaum on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Exemplary Service

The hardwood floors at home were an eyesore for many years. Since the day I bought the house, I knew that I need to do something and now with your help, it is no longer the case. You did an amazing service and installed a beautiful new flooring. All rooms are now transformed. Thank you so much!

by Mark H. Feliciano on Joe's Hardwood Floors

We are happy with the floor refinishing service this contractor provided for us at home. He did an excellent job with the floor in the living room and we are having him come again to fix the one in the office upstairs. We highly recommend the company for its professional technicians and affordable rates.

by Todd R. Simmon on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Thanks A Bunch

I owe my thanks to this company for the perfect service that they did at home. Thanks to their quality flooring refinishing, the flooring at home is in its optimal condition. I'm happy with the customer service - from the first contact and the first talks in person to the work process and the end result. That's what I call an exemplary service. Thank you very much! Will recommend.

by Maria C. Roberts on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Excellent Service

I can rely on you for all kinds of services and flooring installation is definitely among the options that I used. You are the right people for the job. I have had only a nice customer experience with you, and I will use you again whenever I need something done for my flooring. Thank you very much, I appreciate your work!

by Dana D. Spencer on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Excellent Flooring Service

This is the best flooring contractor I've been working with so far and that's not an exaggeration. I've been dealing with such contractors many times over. I always recognize skilled professionals and you are definitely such. Thank you for your timely and effective service. I will endorse your business in any way I can. Thanks a lot!

by Janet on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Beautiful Restoration

Joe's Hardwood told me exactly what the job would cost, how long it would take, when they would begin and when they'd be done. The refinished floors are beautiful, above and beyond what I had expected. Great work!

by Russ Campbell on Joe's Hardwood Floors

Joe and his team are fantastic, they were clean, pleasant, and professional! I would recommend them for any hardwood floor needs.

by Pamela on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Excellent Results

The greatest floor provider around, with the most reliable service and affordable prices.

by Steve on Joe's Hardwood Floors
The best company in town!

This is the best flooring service I've used.

by Paul on Joe's Hardwood Floors

Nice service, I'm really grateful to them.

by Jenny on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Happy with the outcome.

I hired them to install new hardwood floors in my house and they did great. I'm really happy with how my house looks now.

by Trevor on Joe's Hardwood Floors
I highly recommend this company!

Really great hardwood flooring, highly recommended.

by Mark on Joe's Hardwood Floors
Great Work!

I'm very thankful to you for your great work.

by Debbie on Joe's Hardwood Floors
5 stars!

Really great service!

by Paula on Joe's Hardwood Floors
A happy customer

I'm very pleased with their flooring service.

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