Hardwood Floors: Installation Methods

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. They are a long-term investment and are guaranteed to add a special look to your home. But when it comes to flooring, wood and finish are not all that matters. There are various ways of installing a hardwood floor, each with its own unique features and purpose. In this article we will take a look at some of the common methods a flooring services provider will use to install your new floor.

Floating Floor

This method has gained considerable popularity in present days. The term ”floating” refers mostly to the installation process, rather than the flooring itself. The individual tiles, or planks, are attached to one another by means of gluing or snapping them together. However, none of the planks touch the sub-floor or underlayment on which they are installed! This way the floor can expand in response to changes in the humidity levels, which means that it will never buckle or develop gaps.


This method applies a soft layer of foam or plastic between the floating hardwood floor and the subfloor. The thicker the layer, the better. This method of installation offers good noise reduction.

Nail Down!

This method is pretty much self-explanatory. The wooden floor is nailed to the wooden subfloor. This may sound easy, but there are a lot of ways to mess things up, so this kind of work is best left to the professionals.

Glue Down!

Again, self-explanatory. The boards are glued to the underlayment, which is usually made of concrete. Keep in mind that the glue used in flooring operations is expensive and most likely toxic. When using such substances, proper ventilation is a must.

Click Lock Floor

This is a method of joining the boards to form the floor. The individual pieces are designed to lock together in a tongue-and-groove system. This makes the installation process much faster and easier.
If the boards are not click-lock, they may have to be glued together as the installation progresses.

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